Today, SaaS Companies tend to focus on activating referral-based services channels against top-of-funnel KPIs. Unfortunately, misaligned incentives plague these programs, causing failures-to-launch. This is particularly a pain point for high-growth, high-complexity software organizations that truly need services. So why isn’t it working?

They’re missing a key opportunity to leverage the full customer journey.

A more effective approach is to design and manage partner collaboration against the Customer Journey focusing on three core functions, Partner Product Management, Coaching & Alignment, and PLM.

Join Andrew Porter from Pariveda, and Christy Dockendorf, Lenovo who will talk about driving revenue growth and improving customer satisfaction by reframing how to partner with Services Firms with the CS journey.

They will discuss issues like: 

  • Expanding the evaluation, and measurement of partners to include customer success metrics
  • Driving top-line revenue growth and improving gross margins
  • Reducing the need for in-house staff, allowing you to focus on your core product
  • Accelerating time to market and get new features/products to market faster
  • + more