In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Paul Magnaghi, Global ISV Program Leader at Zoom, shares how partnerships rocketed Zoom’s growth and explains that ecosystem-led is the next stage in growth for many technology companies. 


Zoom is a digital platform that powers communication, such as online meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events. Pre-Covid, the software company had about 500 partner applications on its marketplace and, at the time of this podcast, it was up to a whopping 1,600 applications.



  • How Zoom transitioned and is still transitioning from a killer user app to a tool that allows third parties to integrate Zoom into their DNA in a lot of different ways, such as messaging applications, HR applications, and so on.
  • How the business structured its launch process based on customer feedback and data.
  • How it defines success and measures the success of its program.
  • The way their fast-growing team was structured and what core KPIs were implemented.
  • The Zoom fund for startups and how it’s helping small businesses from all over the world to grow together. It’s already received around 2,000 applications.
  • Major challenges faced when launching the marketplace and the ISV partner program, as well as the pitfalls others can learn from.
  • The future of Zoom’s technology program.




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