How do you establish successful partnerships with major SaaS companies? Join us for a lively SaaS Connect session on March 31 as Swaroop Kolli, CEO & Founder of Pronto, interviews Shreyas Sadalgi, Chief Business Strategy Officer at BetterCloud, about his experiences building partnerships with SaaS companies serving the mid-market, including Dropbox, Okta, and VMware. Shreyas will share the surprising and most valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

You’ll hear about:

  • What are the gives and gets you should be thinking about in these partnerships, and what should mid-market companies plan for?
  • Which criteria and frameworks should you consider when recruiting and establishing SaaS ecosystem partnerships?
  • Once you’ve launched one of these partnerships, which GTM operational processes around co-selling and co-marketing should you put in place to ensure success?