In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Andrew Porter, Principal – Alliances & Ecosystems at Pariveda, and Christy Dockendorf, User-Device-Service (UDS) Business Development Partner Manager – Cloud & Software at Lenovo, discuss building SaaS partnerships with services firms.

Pariveda is a consulting firm that solves complex technology and business problems by aligning people-development with client objectives.

Lenovo is, of course, a global technology company. Christy and Andrew met when Christy worked in her previous role at a machine learning artificial intelligence company that successfully partnered with Pariveda.

The two partners focused on the whole customer journey, evaluating the touchpoints that made the most sense. They built a lightweight framework from demand gen, sales, implementation and onboarding, customer success, advocacy, KPIs, and so on.

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