As a partner manager, you’re often in the middle of complicated decisions about what integrations to build next, which ones to build at all, and where those integrations fit into the Product team’s overall priorities. To make matters worse, no one person tends to have decision authority when it comes to integrations, nor does the committee of decision makers approach these questions with a consistent thought process. In this masterclass, we’ll talk through a decision framework for how to handle integration requests.

Ryan Lunka is the Co-founder and CEO at Blended Edge, a software product which helps teams deliver integrations faster and easier. He’s had years of experience trying to solve the age old integration questions: Why should we build this? Where do we prioritize it? And how do you determine if this is an integration that will give a good ROI to you, and your integration partner?

After attending this masterclass you’ll know what questions to ask and what options are at your disposal for helping your team deliver more integrations and deliver them faster.

He will discuss issues like:
– When to build internally or outsource to a partner
– How to prioritize the integration backlog.
– What options are on the table for handling those requests?
+ more

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