In Boston for INBOUND? Grab a drink and a bite with your peers. Meet other marketing agencies, SaaS companies to network and create partnerships.

Located right next to the Boston Convention Center, this is the warmest room to build relationships at INBOUND.

Want to meet other agency and SaaS professionals? We will make introductions!

Let us break the ice. We’ll help you make the most of your time in Boston and INBOUND by making introductions to anyone else coming to our cocktail party if you opt in.

Who is the Cloud Software Association and why are we buying you drinks?

The Cloud Software Association is the network of SaaS partnership leaders. With over 4,000 member companies, our mission is to build the market for SaaS distribution.

We’re buying drinks because the partner teams of our hosts want to connect with our agency partners while we’re all at INBOUND. 🙂