In this episode, Bryn Jones, Co-Founder & CEO at PartnerStack, shares lessons learned from building a collaborations platform and failing, then going on to build a successful partnership program based on real partnership insights.


PartnerStack was created to connect businesses with software companies; It’s the only partnerships platform built for B2B SaaS that supports affiliate, referral and reseller partnerships.


What they learned from the failure of their first business venture equipped them for the success of their second, PartnerStack. The lessons learned resulted in them speaking with more than 500 software companies. In doing so, they gained an understanding of the challenges they faced, which included: 

  • Underperforming sales teams.
  • Reps that come and go.
  • Increasing marketing costs.
  • Unpredictable algorithms.
  • Barriers to going international.
  • Finding and keeping the right partners.
  • Audience attention.
  • Not understanding ecosystems.


They called the first 10,000 partners that signed up and learned the following:

  • B2B is different and complex.
  • Partners must come first.
  • Standardization of partner portals is important.
  • When starting a partnership program; keep it simple because you don’t have the resources of a salesforce.
  • It’s hard to start a partnership program that works.



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