In this SaaS Connect 1:1, Content Allies Jake Jorgovan, and Lindsey Ward, Managing Director of CSA discuss the benefits of leveraging podcasting to build co-marketing partnerships.

Podcasting is changing the way we connect with businesses. Even a few years ago the approach looked very different. The goal was to reach individuals, and connect 1 to 1. Downloads were the game. Now in order to really reach businesses we need to change our approach to podcast from a B2B perspective, and drive long-lasting value.

Jake has helped B2B enterprise & SMB companies navigate the rapidly changing world of B2B podcasting. In total, his team has published 2,000+ podcast episodes for clients such as Meta, Siemens Energy,, Gusto, Ironclad, Tonkean, Stampli, and more.

They will discuss issues like:
– How do we think about podcasting from a B2B standpoint?
– Why podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums.
– What you need to launch a successful podcast
– How to create a successful co-marketing partnerships through your podcast
– What is the process?
– How do you define success?
– Distribute, and repurpose it on both sides?