On this episode, Daniel Ewing, West Channel Leader at Trend Micro, a security services platform for the cloud, shares how Trend Micro made the transition to building for SaaS sales while maintaining traditional revenue. He talks about how others can build for today’s needs while also building for the future.


Daniel explains the difference between the traditional sales model vs. a SaaS model.


He provides use cases of why it’s the business leader’s responsibility to educate channel partners to make them more agile. For example, by teaching one partner how to sell cloud services and provide deep technical competency at the same time they created 260% YoY opportunities. Their partner also closed a new cloud deal in the first 6 months and they experienced broader engagement rates with other partners and customers.


Daniel also explains why national deals take time to scale. He says that if you can increase the deal sold and then increase that to a larger deal while also helping a partner to maintain value, everyone is happy and it leads to more opportunities.


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