In this episode, Cory Snyder, VP of Partnerships at Sendoso, shares his methodology for launching a partner program in less than four weeks.


Sendoso provides a platform for companies to send the right gift to the right person at the right time to increase customer loyalty.


Cory speaks from experience; he’s launched his own partner program in three weeks while building out an entire PRM, generating 1.3 million in the first year. 


He explains how to launch fast and what makes it a viable idea. 


Included in the episode are detailed case studies of companies that have launched their partner programs within one month, how they did it and the impact.


For example, one business started a partner program in three weeks, onboarding 100 partners within the first month. 


Cory shares additional tips such as ways to get quick wins, executive alignment, what to do once you’ve launched, and how to grow your partner base.


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