On this episode, Eric Chan, Head of Global Partnerships at Chargebee, talks about how the company matured their partner program between 2019 and 2022.


Chargebee was launched in 2011 and the partnerships team was created in 2019. However, because most of the partnerships were due to integrations they were passive and not operationalized.


The first step to partnership maturity was to understand what partners wanted. 


The next was to define what kind of partners they had and understand where they wanted to go with the program. 


Eric outlines the necessary steps to building a mature partner program and goes on to discuss the importance of a management operating rhythm. He explains how to identify inefficiencies and why it’s important to have rules of engagement. He also expands upon why it’s critical to regularly update processes and procedures.


Finally, Eric talks about leveraging your influence and creating a culture of celebration to get people excited about working with you.


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