On this episode, Steve Stewart, Head of Global Channels at Smartsheet — a project and work management and collaboration platform — speaks about how Smartsheet went about building their SaaS partner program journey.


When they first started fleshing it out, they only had resell partners. Today they invest in high-value-add solution partners.


Smartsheet boasts 185 professional services partners with YOY growth of 284%. 


They have grown this type of partner in a big way because not only is it core to the value proposition but also core to having a fantastic ecosystem of services delivery for both the company and the partner community.


Step number one was asking the right questions and interviewing a lot of partners and then defining what it is they wanted from their partners.


Steve explains the Smartsheet partner strategy and partner types and goes through their ideal partner profile and how their channel OKRs align with strategy.


He also discusses the Smartsheet partner ecosystem with best-in-class partner support, new partner learning pathways and selling channel value-add internally.


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