On this episode, Swaroop Kolli, Founder & CEO of Pronto, shares lessons learned from a career in Business Development Partnerships and then becoming Founder of Pronto, a platform that was birthed from the pain points of BDP.


Swaroop reveals the challenges of working in Business Development Partnerships, such as tracking via spreadsheets, sharing pipeline data without sharing a system of record, launching joint solutions and accelerating GTM, internal and external alignment, measuring and reporting and repeatability.


Interviewing and brainstorming with 300+ subject matter experts provided options to resolve the challenges but also brought cons.


It was this which led to the birth of Pronto.


Swaroop shares the lessons learned:

  1. Take an outside-inside-out approach.
  2. Organizational support and alignment are key.
  3. Start small then scale.
  4. Socialize internally.
  5. Incentivize and enable sellers.
  6. Measure, measure, measure. 
  7. Be human and build meaningful relationships.


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