On this episode, Rachel Collie, Director, Technology Partnerships and App Marketplace at Unanet, speaks about how reporting structures can blur strategy and how changing them up has the potential to benefit the whole ecosystem.


Unanet’s ERP and CRM technologies drive bottom-line growth by connecting their client’s projects, people and financials with greater efficiency and improved decision-making.


The company’s biggest question was, “How do we recruit partners without recruiting partners?”


To address this question, they needed a technology partners evaluation strategy, which became getting customers to adopt more functionality via technology partners.


Unanet’s new organizational chart is based on the tech partners’ value to the customer and Rachel has moved from Sales into Product, now reporting to the Chief Product Officer. The improved structure means she now sits with the decision-makers that impact the ecosystem.


Moving from Sales to Product enabled her to be a much better advocate for partners. 


Rachel also discusses the company’s next goals.


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