On this episode, Allan Knabe, CEO and Co-Founder at apiable.io, and Michael Leppitsch, Head of Data Strategies and Alliances at Ascend.io, discuss fueling API ecosystems with data products for monetization.


Apiable.io allows the building of an API developer portal in less than an hour and Ascend.io is a data automation cloud that speeds up workloads 10x faster than ever before.​


The conversation starts with a definition of data products and Michael explains that Ascend.io builds datasets that are delivered to customers and users through APIs. Data products together with the API create a way of reaching the customer.


Allan likens an API ecosystem to a digital supply chain.


Allan and Michael explain how companies build data products and ecosystems and how to get started: 


In essence, you need to speak to potential customers to find out what pains they’re having and loop that back to data you have and whether that data can solve that specific problem.


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