On this episode, Alexis Petrichos, Director, Technology Ecosystem at Chili Piper, an inbound lead conversion and scheduling app, shares the partnership experience as a showcase of the actual initiatives between Chili Piper and their first partner, Clearbit. 


The goal was to find and build a relationship with their first successful partner and then replicate the “formula” to build a successful department.


Alexis provides the background of both companies, and how they fit together in a partnership. 


He goes on to explain how the key to converting a partnership to an established bi-directional revenue flow was the cross-departmental approach, and the initiatives and results for each team. For example, the SDR team booked five meetings in the first week of testing out the cadence. 


Overall, their first partnership – with Clearbit – in Q1 resulted in more than $100,000 in the pipeline with closed-won deals of $50,000.


Finally, Alexis circles back to the ultimate goal of the showcase: replicating the “formula”.


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