On this episode, Alex Glenn, CEO at Partnerhub, a platform for digital agencies and tech solutions, talks about whether partner commissions attract and retain digital agency partners.


Alex provides sources of information to answer the question of whether digital agencies are attracted or retained by commissions. A poll on LinkedIn found that 75% of agencies said they would still refer if the partner stopped paying commission.


Because the data and feedback reveal that agencies are not motivated by commission, Alex offers advice on how the commission could be repurposed to create a better program.


Towards the end of the episode, he gives some hard truths about channel, including the fact that commission is not a factor in a digital agency’s decision to send clients to your product. Marketing and product have more to do with partnership success than the partnerships team. If your CEO does not believe the company is reliant on partnerships to be a category leader, you probably won’t succeed in partnerships.


Teaser: … “Yes, you have a B2B relationship with a company that is contractual, but when you’re partnering, you are dealing with a person.” – Alex Glenn


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