On this episode, Neeti Gupta, Head of Hyperscaler Business Development and Alliances (Microsoft) at VMware — a cloud computing and virtualization technology company that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS — shares partnering secrets about approaching and navigating the 300,000-employee conglomerate that is Microsoft.

In summary, she advises that before approaching Microsoft, you must have clarity in your own purpose and start by speaking to your own network to find the right employees. Your aim should be to find out who at Microsoft has commitments that align with your goals because the value proposition of the partnership is key. 

You won’t get anywhere if you think that all it takes is a quick phone call or two. To win with Microsoft, as it is such a huge company, requires structured follow-ups and persistence in systematically pursuing the right employees. 

Neeti says, “With Microsoft, you have to follow the system to navigate the system. Help other people and they’ll help you.”



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