What has made me a great Director of Tech Partner Programs and scale it for growth? Sometimes I think it’s being a mom of a 3 three-year-old and all the chaos they bring.

Partner portals typically focus on sales and marketing. How do we get assets into the hands of sales so they can effectively “sell” partner solutions? They are a great tool for referral, reseller, etc. type partners. What is forgotten is how we enable Technology/Integration—from the initial identification of a potential partnership to the first “sale” of the integration. All those pieces in between that involve Product, Support, Sales, Marketing, Sales Ops, and even Finance.

During this Master Class, we’ll review the enablement tools Unanet put together using Monday.com (selected as it was already used in-house). The structure that was put together, the areas that are addressed, and how we’ve launched both internally and externally. With the speed at which we are growing, we’ve struggled to ensure all departments are aligned and all moving in the same direction. These new enablement tools enabled all stakeholders to track the growth (high level for executives) and all the details to make it all synch. Our goal was to put together something so simple that a toddler learning their ABCs could use it.

Join Rachel Collie from Unanet who will talk about how Unanet has created tools to scale and build a foundation for Unanet’s Technology Program–using technology vs people to build out.