Kelsey Gernert Aina, Principal Head of Startup Growth and Partnerships-Americas at HubSpot, joins this episode to talk about the startup partnership program at HubSpot.

The program offers exclusive discounts to startups through channel partners like venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators. The goal is to provide startups with access to a mature tech stack at an affordable price while the partners benefit from a continuous stream of ecosystem-qualified leads.

Kelsey outlines six reasons companies should consider launching a startup partnership program. These reasons include enabling faster scaling, accessing the startup market with fewer barriers, increasing product loyalty, enhancing brand awareness, breaking into new markets and potential strategic investments and acquisitions.

Kelsey explains how to determine if a startup partnership program is the right fit for a company, considering factors such as whether startups are a core user group, if the product supports key moments in a startup’s evolution, and if the company follows a product lead growth strategy.

It’s important to involve internal stakeholders early on and gain their buy-in to ensure successful program implementation. Kelsey highlights the need to build trust with sales teams and align the program with their KPIs to secure support.


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