I’m proud to announce a must-have step by step guide for SMB IT Providers who want to build a successful cloud business with Microsoft.

This ebook was written for small to medium-sized IT providers and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of incredible customer opportunities in the cloud and who view cloud computing as a primary disruptive force in their business to go head-to-head with bigger, more established competitors. This ebook cuts through the noise and the ‘information overload’ that surrounds the subject of cloud transformation and presents a clear, concise and compelling action plan to transform your business into a cloud-ready enterprise. If you’re ready to do the work, success is there for the taking.

The SMB Cloud ebook has the following chapters:

  • Cloud Opportunity
  • Case Study: How ACTS secured a million-dollar deal leveraging a  business outcome approach and Azure technologies
  • Why Partner With Microsoft to Build Your Cloud Practice?
  • Why Adopt the As-A-Service Model?
  • What does it mean to be a Cloud Ready Business?
  • Your Cloud Journey Map
  • Monetizing Your Cloud Practice
  • Calculate Your Monthly Recurring Revenue?
  • Your Cloud Action Plan
  • Case Study: 100-Day Cloud Transformation Journey of 3S Global Business Solutions
  • Access to tools, templates, and calculators to build your cloud business

Download the ebook today!