In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Rick Witham, Director, Go-To-Market Team Lead at Microsoft, shares a presentation on what sort of digital transformation is happening in the market and where Microsoft is investing. Rick also talks about collaboration and partner opportunities. 


The three main areas covered are:

  1. Digital transformation and the three main areas in which Microsoft has seen these innovations happening from a technology standpoint:

    • Multi-device and multi-sense.
    • AI.
    • Server-less.
  2. Go-To-Market with Microsoft opportunities for partners:
    • Microsoft is looking for partners in the four key areas of digital transformation: empowering employees; engaging customers; optimizing operations; and transforming products.
    • How to connect with Microsoft and get started.
    • What Go-To-Market Microsoft engagement is: four areas partners can tap into and what the journey looks like. What Microsoft does to help partners.
    • ISV partner success and the numbers.
    • The Cloud Marketplace is the launchpad for joint Go-To-Market with Microsoft and a growth lever for collaboration.

  3. Tips for co-selling success:
    • Make sure you have relevant case studies that are easy to understand.
    • Be clear about your target audience.
    • Ensure you have partnership-ready materials.



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