In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Amon Prasad, CEO of Network Remedy Inc., shares valuable inside information about how the business chooses which partners to work with, and what makes some more attractive than others.

Network Remedy Inc., a Managed Services Provider (MSP), becomes the IT department for other companies, ultimately owning the entire IT lifecycle.

Because of the trust they’ve built up with their clients, they have a lot of resellers constantly getting in touch. In this presentation, Amon explains how they select SaaS partners:

  • The driving force of how they decide who to work is that the vendor has to have the right product for what their clients need. If it doesn’t match their needs completely, they want to know whether the solution can be customized enough to become exactly what their clients require.
  • How difficult or complex will it be to implement?
  • What the company wishes all vendors would think about and plan for to make it easy to partner with:
    • To offer top quality support.
    • Data migration on existing systems.
    • The right people in their company to help with implementation.
    • QA the product because otherwise your solution may make their company look bad.
    • Make it easy to manage; a really slick management portal would really go a long way. Examples of this is the Microsoft Office 365 platform. As they log in, they can see every client that they manage, and they can manage all their solutions without having to log into a different dashboard. A nice management portal makes your product more attractive because it makes their lives easier.
  • The company must be viable. For example, they don’t want their clients to adopt a vendor’s service and then the SaaS provider goes out of business because they ran out of VC funds. Amon provides a helpful tip on how to get around this particular issue. 
  • Q&As, such as expectations regarding support, paying vendors and the product launch process.


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