In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Nam Le, head of sales, Embedded Platform at Workato, an expert in partnerships and getting executive buy-in, explains how to get buy-in into the idea of partnerships.


Nam Le is a salesperson who’s met every stakeholder, every objection, and every motivator that you can imagine. The reason he’s our guest on this show is that he only deals with the people who are successful enough to talk to him, so he knows what they’ve done on a practical level to achieve success. And hopefully, listening to his input will give you a roadmap to your own success. 


Points of discussion include:

  • What people in different positions need and how to approach them based on their particular needs. For example, the difference between what engineers, product managers, and VPs of marketing are looking for, and how to get their buy-in (as well as that of the C-Suite) for partnerships based on those needs, and what drives them.
  • How partnerships fit into the overall company strategy.
  • Scaling up the channel when you’re a small company with limited resources.


Resources Mentioned:



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