On this episode, Francois Grenier, Head of Platform Partnerships at Laika — an all-in-one compliance solution — speaks about the real value of tech partnerships from the viewpoint of two very different companies he used to work for: Typeform and Sendoso. 

Typeform is an online form-building and surveys platform while Sendoso is an internet gifting platform.

For Typeform, the value of tech partnerships came from integrations that gave their customers what they wanted; the joint positioning that facilitated the decision to buy; the confidence customers got knowing that the platform would play nicely in their stack; and the insights they received from usage data.

In comparison, Sendoso’s partnership approach was for the purpose of influence, which was accomplished with strong co-marketing, developing a proven co-sales playbook and influence tracking. 

Francois shares the lessons learned about partnership programs at both Typeform and Sendoso.


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