On this episode, Bernhard Friedrichs, Founder of PartnerXperience and Rob Rebholz, Co-Founder and CEO at Superglue, speak about succeeding in the European partner ecosystem.

PartnerXperience helps B2B SaaS businesses unlock the power of partnerships. Its founder, Berhard Friedrichs, has spent the last 15 years building partnerships globally. 

Superglue is a partner engagement platform. The co-founder, Rob Rebholz, has built and scaled MarTech companies, and now drives over 70% of revenue via partners.

The discussion centers on the primary differences between partnering in Europe vs. the US.

Europe consists of 27 countries and cultures, and as such, Bernhard and Rob discuss the challenges involved. They address topics such as opportunities, misconceptions, legal regulations, identification of local champions, onboarding partners and building loyalty in a European environment, as well as entry point strategies. 

Says Rob: “Partnering opportunities in Europe are massive, if you do it right.”


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