In the “Decade of Ecosystems,” the winning solutions will be co-innovated by organizations that create the biggest “easy button” for their customers. What can partnering professionals do to accelerate the speed at which new solutions are formed?

One of the greatest headwinds facing the creation of new disruptive technologies is the inability to integrate complementary software.

Join Brian Hattaway from IOLITE Solutions and Mark Brigman from PARTNERNOMICS as they discuss the guiding principles for software interoperability with your CRM.

They will also talk about guiding principles for partnering professionals to use when setting up the technology for their partner programs.

They will discuss topics like:
– Why your CRM is the center of the partnering technical stack
– The two major elements that must be present in your CRM and in your partnering software.
– What is required for data compatibility in software integration.
– Reporting is the barometer of success.
– Build for the future: the “ilities” matter. Scalability, Useability, Reliability, Extensibility, Compatibility, Flexibility