On this episode, Cody Sunkel, Co-Founder & VP of Growth at Partner Fleet — a platform that powers partner marketplaces — and Katy Spalding, Product Manager, Developer Platform and Ecosystem at Clari — a revenue platform that improves efficiency, predictability and growth — talk about building an app marketplace.

This is a pertinent discussion because integrations are fast becoming one of the top buyer considerations. In fact, a company’s marketplace is often one of the top three most visited web assets.

Cody and Katy speak about why ecosystems matter, how to build an app marketplace and the three phases of building ecosystems on top of open platforms. They also discuss why it’s worth it for companies to build an ecosystem and then consequentially an app marketplace.

Other topics covered are: getting buy-in, tactics for building a marketplace, the right time to platform, technical prerequisites and business considerations, best practices for building a marketplace, marketing your marketplace and managing partnerships.


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