On this episode, Mark Brigman, CEO at PARTNERNOMICS, and Brian Hattaway, Founder & Innovation Leader at IOLITE Solutions and Owner of ProCore Resource Group, discuss growing partnerships through integrations and building efficient partnership management systems to increase revenue.

The discussion centers on reference architecture (what’s needed to make partnerships work), partnering systems and concepts around the theory of partnerships.

Mark and Brian go into detail about which systems should be the anchor point for partnership data and why. They also talk about the problem of CRMs not being built for partnership management, and why they don’t work for partnership management when used out of the box.

They dig under the API hood and discuss third-party tools which aren’t capable of providing the nuanced information needed to efficiently manage integrations — essentially, it becomes a data modeling question: “Do we have the right data that we can exchange between these partners?”

Mark and Brian chat about the difference between unidirectional and bidirectional APIs, and the advantage of bidirectional footing.





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