On this episode, Kelly Sarabyn and Desmond Russell join us to discuss the partner journey and experience. Kelly is the Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot, a company that develops software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Desmond is Chief Partnership Officer at Partner Elevate, an enablement platform to help businesses grow more investible partnerships.

Desmond explains the difference between partner experience vs. partner journey. The conversation centers on how to think about the customer experience as applied to the partner experience. For example, in the customer experience, you put the customer at the center. Everything else revolves around that. But when we think about the partner experience, SaaS doesn’t typically put the partner at the center.

In addition, an important component of building trust and having a positive partner experience is making sure you understand your partners. Desmond shares the best ways for partner organizations to do that, especially ones who are somewhat strapped for resources.

He says that only 30% of the 1300 partners who have been through their programs actually make a profit. He goes on to explain how to deal with the leftover 70% and how to reactivate dormant partners.

Organizations that use partner technology drive more revenue from their partners, and Desmond describes the role of technology in facilitating the partner experience and partner journey.

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