On this episode, Sue Fernand, Sr. Director of Business Development and Alliances at 8×8, and Ashi Aber, Head of Technology Partnerships at Gong, host a roundtable discussion to talk about tech integration marketplaces and building out an ecosystem with all key business partners.

Ashi talks about opening up APIs so their customers can get more value out of them beyond just revenue, including marketing and product engineering purposes. If customers have more integrations, it naturally creates more stickiness and customer satisfaction.

The roundtable discussion touches on consumption-based models, the struggles and challenges involved in managing partnerships and the different ways people think about building marketplaces.

The group gets into a spirited conversation about metrics and how companies measure the profitability of their features. It’s a tricky subject, and even large companies sometimes struggle with it.

The group wraps up with a discussion on the magic number of integrations needed to achieve maximum stickiness and customer satisfaction.

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