On this episode, Rachel Collie, Director, Technology Partnerships and App Marketplace at Unanet, hosts a MasterClass on the ABCs of technology partner management. She emphasized the importance of repeatable enablement processes to scale their program. She shared her extensive experience in managing technology partner programs and highlighted the value of partnerships in finding innovative solutions for customers.

Rachel identified three significant challenges in their partner program: lack of partner visibility, inability to scale the program using manual tools like OneNote and spreadsheets, and a lack of executive buy-in.

Monday.com was the right choice for their team, considering factors like existing internal usage, read-only licensing, task assignment capabilities, integrations with other tools like Slack, and reporting features. The adoption of monday.com varied among partners, with more active usage reflected by new partners compared to established ones.

Rachel digs into how she uses monday.com and emphasizes that it is the right tool for her specific challenges and needs. Others may find different tools that are more appropriate for their particular situation.


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