On this episode, Sunir Shah, CEO at AppBind and President of Cloud Software Association, discusses high-impact partnerships and the importance of customer-centricity in partnerships. Rather than focusing on who owns the customer, it’s more crucial to understand who the customer is buying from. 

It is critical to have clear positioning statements in partnerships, to ensure that both parties understand how they impact the other’s story and improve customer outcomes. Sunir highlights the importance of creating impactful partnerships that deliver value to the end customer.

He discusses the importance of understanding the customer lifecycle and aligning partnerships accordingly. He emphasizes that partnerships should focus on helping customers advance through their lifecycle and solve specific problems. 

Sunir provides an example of a company’s successful agency program, where partners deliver value by addressing customer needs and enhancing the customer experience. He highlights the need for clear positioning statements and outlines four main types of partnerships: communications, service, tech and distribution. 

It’s important to align key performance indicators (KPIs) with the underlying revenue teams’ and partners’ KPIs to ensure successful partnerships. This will increase the value of customer-centric partnerships and the importance of understanding partner needs to build successful collaboration.


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