On this episode, Matt Moore, Associate Manager of Product Marketing at impact.com, hosts a discussion on B2B affiliate marketing with guests Keemia Ferasat, Manager of Global Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships at Microsoft; Tye DeGrange, CEO at Round Barn Labs; and Zoe Mackay, Strategic Partnership Manager at TechnologyAdvice.

They explore the differences between B2B and B2C affiliate marketing, how it fits into the revenue mix for publishers and the various types of publishers they work with. They discuss the importance of long-term partnerships, content-driven approaches and the growing influence of influencers and brand ambassadors in the B2B affiliate space.

The participants discuss the success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for affiliate marketing in the B2B space. They highlight the importance of a full-funnel approach, including upper and lower funnel partners.

Publishers play a crucial role in driving brand awareness and educating potential customers, while lower funnel partners focus on driving conversions. Mixed compensation models, such as flat fees, reward different types of affiliates and acknowledge their contributions throughout the buyer’s journey.

Building strong relationships with affiliates and using data-driven insights will continually optimize these programs. Starting a successful B2B affiliate marketing program takes time, patience and investment in measuring and analyzing KPIs to improve performance over time.


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