On this episode, Stu Richards, CEO at Bredin, shares valuable insights on selling SaaS solutions to SMBs.

He and his team conducted a survey of SMBs focusing on the decision-making process regarding which SaaS solutions to purchase for their business. They discovered there is some variation depending on the size of the business.

Very small businesses (under 20 employees) rely mostly on articles and search to learn about products. These can be on your website, syndicated articles or blog posts.

There aren’t as many small businesses (20 to 99 employees) as very small businesses, but from a revenue standpoint, they’re significant in the SMB space. For these companies, search and the product section of your website are crucial during the research and purchase stages.

Mid-sized businesses (100 to 500 employees) prioritize articles, general news sites and research reports. Security is a top concern for bigger companies, so emphasizing it in your messaging is essential. Reliability, functionality and integration are also vital message points.


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