On this episode, Nikunj Sanghvi, VP, Alliances and Business Development at Caspio, a leading low-code development platform for online database applications, talks about attracting partners to your program. 

It’s critically important to start with an ideal partner profile, akin to an ideal customer profile, to identify partners that align with your objectives. It’s also vital to continually refine this profile based on interactions with potential partners.

The “good partners” category includes those already familiar with low-code / no-code platforms, fostering smoother conversations. In the “best partners” category, focus on vertical specialization and geographic expansion aligning with your goals. The “not a potential good partner” category encompasses red flags such as diverting leads to competitors or subpar project delivery.

Ecosystem tools can help form solid partnerships through shared customer connections. Nikunj incorporates research on LinkedIn and utilizes tools for efficient outreach and personalization.

Make it easy for partners to succeed by providing collateral, partner portals, certifications and a visible partner directory. Nikunj also highlights the role of marketplaces, co-marketing initiatives and webinars in driving partner and ecosystem growth.

Caspio transformed skepticism about partnerships into a valuable asset, with partners acting as an extension of the sales team and contributing to the company’s success. 

Nikunj offers up actionable strategies for organizations seeking to cultivate strong and effective partner relationships.


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