On this episode, Christine Li, VP of Partnerships and Enablement at G2, discusses the importance of reviews and social proof in the software industry. G2 is a platform that gathers social proof through customer reviews to help buyers make informed decisions.

G2 has a unique role in the marketplace ecosystem. They function as a marketplace themselves, as a vendor in other marketplaces (such as Salesforce AppExchange and AWS Marketplace), and as a syndication partner for marketplaces. Its syndication program helps amplify reviews and social proof for vendors across multiple marketplaces, making it easier for buyers to find valuable insights.

Christine shares three key takeaways from their syndication program: Firstly, B2B review collection is challenging, but G2 has invested in AI and human resources to ensure the authenticity and reliability of reviews. 

Second, negative reviews are essential as they provide valuable insights and build trust with buyers. Responding to negative reviews professionally is crucial for addressing concerns. 

Finally, offering syndicated reviews for free didn’t yield desired results; monetizing the service helped drive partner prioritization.

The discussion highlights the significance of customer reviews and social proof in the B2B software industry, and how G2’s approach to review collection and syndication benefits vendors and buyers alike.

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